1866  to  1932


The harvest at the foot of the Sierra Nevada in Andalousia


Oil on canvas


56 x 36cm


A Andrade

Angel Andrade is known mainly for his landscapes, especially those from the latter part of his career which were painted with an extraordinary realism.  Andrade was one of a number of highly regarded painters who trained at the Academy of San Fernando under the tutelage of Carlos de Haes and Luis de Madrazo.  In 1891 Andrade travelled to Rome to further his training and he was to remain there until 1900 making many drawings around the city and the Apennines.  He sent his work to exhibitions in Munich, Venice and Ferrara and received considerable recognition, being awarded a silver medal at the International Exhibition of Buenos Aires in 1910.  Today Andrade's work is represented in the Prado Museum in Madrid and there is a museum dedicated to him in his home town of Ciudad Real.  His work was most recently celebrated in an exhibition in Toledo, Angel Andrade, The Adventure of landscape, 2004 -2005.